The DAD Foundation believes in Promoting Opportunities for the Deaf Community. We believe the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf/Blind is to be afforded equal access to opportunities, services and resources that will enable the Deaf community to live a prevailing life in a predominately hearing society. 

Resources and Referral Service

Having available resources and services to assist those in the time of need sheds some importance on many of us. For those who cannot hear, accessibility to those resources and referrals may be difficult to obtain. The DAD Foundation Resource and Referral Service makes it possible for our clients to have accessibility to information and services that may difficult to obtain. 

Supportive Services

In providing supportive services, allows the Deaf community to be afforded the opportunity to become sufficient and productive in all areas of their lives. Whether you need support for employment, basic life skills training, education or opportunities that will enhance your life, our supportive services program empowers our clients to live productively regardless of their hearing loss.

 Interpreting Services

Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) protects the rights of individuals with disabilities. Upon the request of the deaf consumer, an sign language interpreter is mandated by law to be provided at no cost to the deaf consumer. In the event an certified/qualified interpreter is needed to facilitate communication between a hearing and deaf or hard of hearing person whether its business or personal, we are here to provide the interpreting services needed to ensure effective communication between both parties.

To make an request for interpreter services, please email us at