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Whether you need case management services, support for employment, basic life skills training, education or opportunities that will enhance your life, our Supportive Services Program empowers clients to live productive lives regardless of hearing loss.

Our Advocacy Support Program offers information and assistance that will ensure you are aware of legal rights of deaf, hard of hearing or deaf/blind persons.

If you or a family member have been denied interpreting services, need assistance with securing services for your child’s education, or just aren’t sure how to access other services for your deaf, hard of hearing or deaf/blind family member, friend, etc., we can help.


The Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) protects the rights of individuals with disabilities. Upon the request of the deaf consumer, a sign language interpreter is mandated by law to be provided at no cost to the deaf consumer.

Our sister site, Blessed Hands Interpreting Services, provides essential interpretation services, including:

  • On-site interpreting with certified/qualified professional interpreters
  • Video Remote Interpreting via world-class video relay solutions
  • Sign language instruction (see below)

Blessed Hands is available to provide interpretation services in a variety of settings:

  • PRESS/PUBLIC MEDIA: Public events, conventions, announcements – live and televised
  • HEALTH CARE: Hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes
  • LEGAL: Law firms, law enforcement, courts
  • BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL: Interviews, training, meetings, conferences, seminars
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Insurance, accounting, financial assistance
  • EDUCATION: Schools, universities, parent-teacher conferences
  • WORSHIP: Religious ceremonies, meetings, events

In the event a certified/qualified interpreter is needed to facilitate communication – whether it’s business or personal – contact us.


Our Simply ASL sign language class teaches anyone who is interested in learning how to communicate in American Sign Language.